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La Granja de la Costera

Its location, away from important communication channels, make La Granja de la Costera a very quiet place. The town is located on a natural plain surrounded by cultivated fields. Their lands are primarily dedicated to irrigated fruit crops, mainly orange.

It was a Moorish farmhouse later repopulated. Among its municipal heritage, the 18th century parish church dedicated to Sant Francesc d’Assís stands out. It was built using materials from the ruins of the Montesa castle, devastated by the 1748 earthquake. Although it was destroyed during the civil war, some elements of the Baroque altarpieces are still preserved.

La Granja de la Costera celebrates its festivities in honor of Sant Francesc d’Assís. It is said that in 1890 the saint sought to protect the people from the cholera epidemic that threatened the region.