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Vallada is a historic site in the Montesa valley at the foot of the Serra Grossa Mountain. The place has special geological characteristics and a very unique wildlife and vegetation.

The archaeological sites found are abundant and very diverse, since they belong to different periods, highlighting the Cave of the Mosseguellos of the Upper Paleolithic, the settlements of the Bronze Age, the Roman villa of els Horts and the Castle. Many of the pieces found are preserved in the interesting Municipal Archaeological Museum of Vallada.

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The scenic beauty of Vallada makes this town an ideal setting for hiking and mountain sports. One of the most interesting places is the Sumidor Tunnel, the world’s deepest gypsum cavity in karst slopes. The entrance to the cavity is located at the base of the rock, between the Brollaors and the Saraella. The entrance divides the tunnel into two parts, upstream, of about 500 m. long and downstream of about 800 m.

In the area are the hermitage of Christ and the hermitage of Sant Sebastià from 1746. The Hermitage spot is a good starting point for making magnificent excursions and walking some of the trails in the municipality of Vallada. The recreational area has a shelter, paellers, services, a saltwater pool, swings for children and recreational areas. La Saraella pool is an outdoor pool located next to La Saraella river and surrounded by mountains. Whenever conditions allow it, it is filled with the salty water of the Saraella river.