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La Cova Negra and l'estret de les aïgues

This natural site of great ecological and heritage value was declared a Municipal Natural Site in 2006. It is located in the narrow valley of the Albaida river, as it crosses the reliefs of the Serra Grossa Mountain, at the exit of the so-called Estret de les Aigües. The place is named after the so-called Cova Negra (Black Cave), declared Asset of Cultural Interest and which is an important site in European prehistory.

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The archaeological site is located in the widest meander of the Albaida river, inhabited by the Neanderthal man in the Palaeolithic period. We find ourselves in an area of fundamental importance for understanding the Mousterian culture and the reality of the Neanderthals. The Almodí Museum exhibits an exact reproduction of a parietal bone from the period, discovered in the cave during one of the many excavations carried out.

A walk through the Cova Negra (Black Cave) area will reveal the contrast between the riverside and mountain vegetation. We will find floating plant communities and riverside forests, with well-developed specimens of black poplars and elms. There are numerous paths and routes for lovers of hiking and mountain biking that connect the most emblematic enclaves of the park, such as the Casa de la Llum, the Xopà d’Alboi and the Arcadetes del riu Albaida (‘Arcadetes‘ of the Albaida river). You can also go rock climbing on the Aventador, a large rock face with a long tradition in this sport.