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Bellveret, natural viewpoint

On the way up to the Castle of Xàtiva, we find the Bellveret, a natural viewpoint that offers spectacular views of the city of Xàtiva and a large part of la Costera. Its name comes from the Italian word belvedere, which means beautiful view. The ascent of the Castle has a unique and endemic flora, the object of numerous botanical studies that Cavanilles began with les Observacions. In 1999 it was formally declared a Flora Microreserve.

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In 1992 the sculpture Arc Daurat, made by Manuel Boix, was installed here, representing two enormous hands, one of which holds a ball, thus paying homage to the sport of Valencian pilota.

A few metres from this sculpture is the chapel of Sant Josep, which was erected at the end of the 18th century by order of the city’s carpenters’ guild. The Aljama Door is still preserved; according to local tradition, it was through here that Jaume I entered Xàtiva in 1244. On the outside and in front of this entrance is a magnificent Gothic guild cross.

Between this hermitage and that of Sant Feliu, in the area that surrounded the first line of walls, you can visit an archaeological park where the remains of a 12th century Islamic palace were found during excavations in 1991.