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Palace of the Sanç family

The village of Vallés has one of the most valuable jewels of 15th century Valencian civil Gothic architecture, the palace of the Sanç family. This building, which is in a very good state of preservation, stands out for the elegant and characteristic twin windows on its façade, typical of the Crown of Aragon (one with three openings (triforada), the other with two openings (biforada)).

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The palace underwent a Renaissance alteration in the 17th century that gave the building a rear gallery of tiled windows. It is known that around the year 1400 the building belonged to Jaume Vallés, who gave his name to the municipality. However, later on, it passed into the knights of Sanç hands of this town. Nowadays it is a private property that has lost most of its original elements. It stands very close to the Cànyoles river, where you can enjoy magnificent views of the Vernissa Mountain range and the city of Xàtiva.