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Sant Dídac Rock

The Penya de Sant Dídac (Sant Dídac Rock) is located at the top of the Vernissa Mountain range, above the municipality of Noveltlè. This mountain range is characterised by the numerous caves it contains, many of which were inhabited in prehistoric times. It is worth mentioning the Barranc Fondo cave, a cavity that has provided material evidence of occupation at the end of the Upper Palaeolithic, and the Cara-sol cave, where a Neolithic collective burial site was found.

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The route along the paths of the Penya de Sant Dídac is beautiful, an excursion with little difficulty that can also be done with children. The main path starts from Novetlè and is steeper, a second, gentler path starts from Xàtiva. Once at the top you can visit the ruins of the old hermitage of Sant Dídac d’Alcalà

The climb is well worth as the views are spectacular: la Costera de Ranes and Plà de Xàtiva, the hermitage of Santa Anna, the castle of Montesa and on the opposite side the valley of Bixquert.