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Novetlè is a small municipality located at the foot of the Vernissa mountain range, very close to the city of Xàtiva. Its origin dates back to the 15th century, when the Tallada family bought land which they named Alqueria de Tallada. The lord of Tallada had a church and six houses built, in which he installed families from the Sagres farmhouse, who would dedicate themselves to the cultivation of the lands together with the Moors who lived there.

The Vernissa mountain draws the landscape of Novetlè. At its summit is the Penya de Sant Dídac (Sant Dídac rock), hich houses an old hermitage dedicated to Sant Dídac d’Alcalà. There are several paths to climb the rock and from above you can enjoy magnificent views of la Costera de Ranes, the plà de Xàtiva, and the beginning of the Vall de Montesa.

In the town square, where the Tallada palace had once stood, is the parish church of the Verge María del Roser built in the 16th century. To the right of its facade there is a beautiful altarpiece of taulellets from the 18th century that represents the Trinity, Saint Bartholomew and Santa Maria Magdalena.

Novetlè celebrates its patron saint festivities the last week of August in honor of the Divine Aurora, Crist del Perdó, Sant Dídac and the Verge del Roser. The activities that are carried out mix the religious character with the playful one. We must highlight the Sant Crist del Perdó Procession, very popular throughout the region.