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Llanera de Ranes

On a gentle slope of la Costera de Ranes is Llanera de Ranes. In its origins, this town was an annex to the disappeared Cairent farmhouse, which before the expulsion of the Moors had 32 houses. In 1650, Jordi Sanç de Vilaragut i Castellví was granted the title of Marquis de Llanera, from which the town’s name comes.

One of the secular devotions of its inhabitants is the game of the Valencian Pilot. Always practiced across the streets of the town, its history has a leading figure in this sport: Emili Revert i Martínez ‘el Xiquet de Llanera’, who was a great player at the beginning of the 20th century.

The town has two small museums: the Boluda Watercolors Museum, dedicated to the Valencian painter Rafael Boluda and located in an old, restored mansion, and the Lluís Perales Ethnological Museum, which houses the evolution of the local and regional ethnological heritage throughout the years and where interesting objects and tools of the trades of the time are collected.




El porrat de Torrent, , which has been celebrated for centuries, takes place on the first Friday in March each year. It originates from the pilgrimage to the hermitage of the Holy Christ in the town. There are several stalls where you can find groceries, toys, skill games and attractions. It attracts people from all over the county.