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La Mola natural spot

La Mola is one of the most visited climbing areas in the Valencian Community and is located close to the castle of Montesa and just two minutes far from the natural site of La Fonteta. It is a rocky plain where you can find more than a hundred climbing routes of all levels, with sectors in all possible orientations, allowing you to climb at any time of the day and at any time of the year.

The land is made up of very porous calcareous rock with holes where the difficulty is almost always due to the verticality of the sector and the shape or size of the hole that accompanies many of the routes. All of them are equipped with “parabolts” and in many of them the descent is done with carabiners. None of them exceeds 25 metres, although most are between 10 and 15 metres high.

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There are two large rocks called Tormo Gros and Pedra Senyora. The first one can be scaled on all four sides and is considered a good place to get started in this sport. The second is an enormous monolith shaped by the wind and water which is currently protected due to its uniqueness, thus preventing climbing.