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The 'Arcadetes' of the Albaida river

Alboi is a district of El Genovés, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful natural spots and recreational areas. Moreover, a visit to this jewel of hydraulic engineering heritage, which used to provide water to the city of Xàtiva, could be said to be a must, due to its historical importance. You will also find a beautiful aqueduct from the Gothic period with nine imposing pointed arches, known as barranc del pont Sec (Pont Sec ravine).

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It is part of the old Canal de Bellús in Xàtiva, which is a medieval construction that has its source in Bellús spring. It runs along, skirting the Albaida River for ten kilometres and it provided a constant water supply to Xàtiva.

Along the route you will come across els respiralls. Local legend has it that they were built thanks to the intelligence of the daughter of the Muslim king of Xàtiva. The function of these vertical structures was trying to relieve the pressure of the water so that its accumulation would not destroy the channel.

Nine Gothic pointed arches, 100 metres long and 20 metres high at its lowest point, overcome the unevenness of barranc del pont Sec (Pont Sec ravine).

Black poplars and elm trees are present all along the course of the Albaida River, creating recreational areas such as La Xopà dAlboi. It is an area much loved by the residents of the nearby villages and many visitors come to enjoy the spot during the year.

Alboi is located at the edge of Albaida River, in the natural area of Estret de les Aigües and very close to the climbing areas of Bellús. LAventador is a grey limestone rock wall that is really popular among climbing enthusiasts. Its west orientation is perfect for climbing in winter as you can feel the sunlight almost all afternoon.