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Walking through la Costera


A selection of homologated short-distance trails, which will allow us to get to know and enjoy the diversity of landscapes and natural spaces in the region. La Costera is the only Valencian region in which the two most important mountain systems of the Mediterranean converge. The Betic system (the Serra Grossa) and the Iberian system (the massís del Caroig). Within this walled region extends the elongated valley through which the river Cànyoles runs and where its populations are located.

The second part of the hiking guide of La Costera, is an extension of the network of paths that will allow us to continue enjoying the fascinating landscape that this region offers us.
This catalog describes and details a series of essential excursions that had been pending in the first part, and that provide different views, some more aerial, more technical others and complementary in some cases, to paths already published allowing their link to to turn them into a long and beautiful journey.


homologated trails


Historic trails and paths