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L'Alcudia de Crespins

L’Alcúdia de Crespins is a town on la Costera located to the left of the Cànyoles river on the southern lap of the Serra d’ Enguera. The Riu dels Sants (Sants river) is born in the municipality of l’Alcúdia, in the place known as El Naixement and very close to the Riu Nou (Nou river) bathing area.

The origin of this municipality could not be understood without the existence of the Sants river. The well-known botanist Cavanilles already said that, of the entire Kingdom of Valencia, this was the largest water source, and its importance can still be seen today, since it gives rise to a diversity of wildlife and vegetation typical of the riverbanks with a natural enviable environment. There are areas equipped to enjoy the environment and nature, as well as a pleasant recreational area with a natural pool.

The history of the town begins in the Islamic period with two farmhouses, l’Alcudiola and l’Alquería dels Crespins, which is mentioned in the Llibre del Repartiment. Among the places of interest that we can visit in the town, the church of Sant Onofre, built at the beginning of the 18th century, and the Crist del Calvari hermitage, built in 1774, stand out. Two old ceramic altarpieces decorate the streets of the municipality, the altarpiece of Sant Rafael and the altarpiece of Crist del Calvari.