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El Genovés

El Genovés is a beautiful town located in the east of la Costera region. It has its origins in a farmhouse conquered by Jaume I. The town is located under the Serra de la Creu (la Creu mountain), very close to the Albaida river that crosses its lands from south to north. Within its municipal term is the district of Alboi with places full of charm.

The Genovés is the birthplace of the Valencian pilot. It is the town of la Costera where this tradition is most deeply rooted. The Pilota Museum is a space dedicated to the history, dissemination and research of this sport, which also has a ratchet.

Of the municipal heritage, the Fountain of Sant Pasqual should be highlighted, built in 1777 with a baroque style, dedicated to Sant Pasqual Bailón, patron saint of the town.

The Albaida river leaves behind a beautiful landscape. The poplars and elms are present throughout the river’s route, creating enchanting spaces such as the Xopà d’Alboi, a grove of poplars with a recreational area. Nearby are The Arcadetes of the Albaida river or Alboi, a beautiful aqueduct from the Gothic period that formerly provided water to the city of Xàtiva. Nine imposing pointed arches bridge the unevenness of the Pont Sec ravine.

Numerous signposted trails make Genovés an attractive place for hikers. The well-known Health Route passes through this municipality on the path that connects Genovés, Alboi and the Cova Negra area.




Alboi offers the visitor some natural resources full of charm and worth a visit. La Xopà de Alboi, the old Fountain and of course Les Arcadetes de Alboi, a beautiful aqueduct built in the 11th century, one hundred meters long used to bring drinking water to the city of Xàtiva.