Aceites La Riba

An EVOO with Alfafarenca variety, typical of Alfafara (Alicante). A variety protected by the Designation of Origin Oils of the Valencian Community. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the result of a project of two young people and entrepreneurs brothers of Vallada, eager to bring tradition and flavor to all the houses.

Pagos del Guerrer

Pagos del Guerrer oil is made with the Grossal variety, native to the Moixent area, and is one of the most laureate in the Valencian Community. It has received important awards in the world of oil since it began to be marketed in 2012.

El Sierro

El Sierro, an EVOO of Grosal (native to the Alforins Valley area) and Arbequina produced by The Vineyard of La Font de la Figuera winery, an entity grouped in the agricultural marketer Anecoop. Superior category Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures.

Molins de Paixerell

Fruit of the olive tradition, Molins de Paixerell forms the 4th generation of olive growers in the family. From the beginning of the 20th century to the present, they make a totally natural olive juice that combines know-how, experience and passion for the world of oil.