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Hermitage of Santa Anna

Hermitage of Santa Anna is located in la Llosa de Ranes. Supported by the Borgia family, it was built in the mid-16th century in a flamboyant Gothic style, and it preserves the heraldries of Xàtiva, the Kingdom of Valencia and the Borgia family. Its strategic location, crowning the mountain Santa Anna, provides incredible views. 

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Gothic in style, although it has no openings, it has a rectangular ground plan with walls and buttresses. It has an exterior roof made up of ribbed vaults. The access is through a semicircular doorway that was preceded by a portico that has now disappeared.

Inside, the chapel has a single nave with three bays and a presbytery. Two keystones of the ribbed arches remain, one representing the Borgia-Gil d’Oms coat of arms and the other the Verge amb el Nen (the Virgin with the Child). In the 1980s, the building was restored, returning its unique architectural character.