Restaurant Montsant

The objective is to relate our gastronomy with the surroundings and the history of Montsant and from there, do everything possible to delight the most demanding palates. A privileged viewpoint to contemplate the horizon, with the city at our feet. If Xàtiva was once a paradise as the poets described, Montsant is the only preserved fragment.

Restaurant La Sal del Romer

Located in the area of the Hermitages of Vallada, the restaurant is located in a special environment surrounded by nature in its purest form. The menu offers the most traditional dishes of our region, such as baked rice, coastal-style gazpachos, or a good barbecue.

Casa La Abuela

The Casa La Abuela Restaurant is a classic in Xàtiva. Its dishes transport us to the most Mediterranean and traditional flavors. They combine the well-known dishes of the area with innovative contributions that are the recipe for their success.

Terrassa de Sant Josep

Without a doubt one of the best views of Xàtiva. A special place next to the Sant Josep Hermitage. If you want to try a good typical rice from Xàtiva, do not missed visiting this charming terrace.

Las Eras

Traditional restaurant, located on the outskirts of La Font de la Figuera, it is very popular due to its location. We can find several menus with a wide variety of dishes to choose from homemade food. The meats and tortillas of the day stand out. Traditional values and Mediterranean cuisine.


El Celeste is one of the Valencian classics. A small bar that has been located on the Llanera de Ranes road since the last century. They offer several combined dishes and take away food such as rice dishes and paellas on request. Its traditional lunches stand out where you can choose a huge variety of sausages, tortillas, meat and vegetables.

Mel de Romer

A restaurant with a long history, it has brought top quality fresh products to the dishes of its guests for years. It stands out for offering exceptional market cuisine. In the restaurant we will find fresh products of the day that we can choose at the moment. Specialty in stone meats and traditional rice dishes.

Blat Restaurant

Restaurant with a modern decoration, which offers us high quality menus. Its rice dishes of the day stand out, which combine perfectly with the selection of starters to choose from. A reserved place, with very elaborate dishes that will surprise you.

Taperia 1 tapa +

We will find a great variety of tapas that combine the most traditional flavors with the most gourmet culinary innovation. You can choose a wide variety of sandwiches to accompany the tapas. In addition, take-away meals such as baked rice or Valencian paella are offered on request.

Arroseria “El Musical”

At the Arrocería El Musical we find a great variety of traditional Valencian rice dishes that combine perfectly with a more advanced gastronomy. The selection of fresh local products along with the passion for cooking result in select and exquisite dishes.