Clos Cor Ví

Clos Cor Ví is a Valencian winery founded in 2004 by Luis Corbí Coloma with the aim of making limited editions of very select white wines with their favorite grapes. The wines are elegant, fresh, of great purity and magnificent palate, gastronomic white wines for the good table.

Costera Alta Wines

Costera Alta Wines is a young winery attached to the D.O. Valencia that has just come to the market with two very unique elaborations. The winery is located in the municipality of Moixent (Valencia) and using the autochthonous varieties Monastrell and Mandó, has managed to go on the market with a production, very limited, but characterized by wines that represent the ‘terroir‘ of the farm where they are grown.

Javier Revert – Viticultor

A happy find in the shape of an old vine, planted by his great-grandfather, Vicent Albero, in 2014 was for Javier Revert the germ of what is now his personal project, one of the most attractive in the Valencian Valley of the Alforins.

Bodegas Arráez

Put your problems aside and welcome a slow and entertaining morning, paired with our best wines together with local artisan sausages in our 400m2 tasting room and our 300m2 terrace with the best views you can imagine.

La Viña

Our winery was created in 1945, when a group of 38 entrepreneurs joined forces under the legal form of a cooperative, bringing together a cultivation area of 47 hectares with a production of 250,000 kg of grapes. The decision was extremely successful, since throughout the generations the wine-growing activity has been gaining importance and the winery has been growing in number of partners and production.

Cooperativa Sant Pere

Our cooperative is located in the region of La Costera, municipality of Moixent, in the interior of the province of Valencia. Our beginning dates back to 1951, when it was established as the “Cooperativa del campo San Pedro Apóstol”.

The winery is medium in size and some 400,000 kg of native grape varieties are transformed into wine.

Pago Casa Gran

We define ourselves as artisans with two objectives: to produce high quality wines and to improve our estate. The two objectives go together since the wines are an expression of these privileged lands and their history. 100% of our production is organic, with a European certificate since 2006 and a maximum level in the Delinat guidelines since 2009.

Celler del Roure

Celler del Roure was founded in 1996 as a small family winery with the will to grow and improve by recovering traditional production methods and old varieties of this historic wine-growing area (Les Alcusses. 4th century BC). We like to learn from our ancestors.