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Casa del Pou Museum

The casa burguesa del Pou (bourgeois house of the Well), which used to be the Town Hall, was converted into a museum in 1979. The current museum project is presented after a laborious restoration of the building in collaboration with the Valencian Museum of Ethnology. The Department of Education, Research, Culture and Sport has recognised it as a permanent museum collection for the extensive dissemination of the cultural heritage of the municipality.

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This more modern approach leads us to enjoy a welcoming space for the dissemination of cultural heritage with a more modern formulation that encourages reflection and participation through a solid ethnographic discourse, explaining the life trajectory of its inhabitants, who have provided testimonies, objects and photographs to build the new space.

The museum presents the most important socio-cultural milestones, in a journey through the life and social cycle of Llosa de Ranes, where the importance of the Paris neighbourhood, the singularity of the dansa del vetlatori (funeral dance), the village fountains or the Santa Anna hermitage and its romeria (pilgrimage) stand out.

The painting collection is made up of 38 paintings with religious and still life themes. Some of them are pictures that used to decorate the walls of the houses and other works belong to local artists or those from the region.

One section of the collection is devoted to prehistoric pottery, such as a dozen handmade bowls dating from the Early Bronze Age (1800-1400 BC) from the Mas de Menente (Alcoi), as well as a Late Roman jug and a vase from the Iberian period (III-II BC).

Finally, a space that arouses great interest is the one dedicated to the materials of the Llosa de Ranes Musical Society, which was founded in 1921.

The Casa del Pou Museum is constantly being renovated with the incorporation of new pieces and aims to become the epicentre of the village’s cultural life.


Casa del Pou Historical, Artistic and Ethnological Museum
Nº 96, Carrer Camí Reial
46815 La Llosa de Ranes (Valencia)
Telephone: 962 230 171

Winter schedule
Wednesday and Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.