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'la Costera'
Historical - Ethnological Museum

The Museu Històric-Etnològic La Costera (La Costera Historical-Ethnological Museum) is located in a renovated winery dating from the end of the 18th century: celler de Les Masseretes (Les Masseretes winery). The museum was created with the aim of preserving and keeping alive the historical memory, roots, customs and traditions of a village.

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Traditionally, in the wine-making process, the typical unevenness of the village streets was used to allow the natural decanting of the remains of the wine fermentation process. The museum recreates a small, semi-industrial, underground wine cellar with the characteristic buried jugs.

In addition, the museum contains other differentiated spaces, such as the recreation of a typical house from the 16th century, an almàssera (oil mill) and the recreation of a distillery of liquors and spirits from the beginning of the 20th century.

The building also has a space dedicated to Vicent Tortosa i Biosca, painter, poet and Fallas artist, where the figures of giants and big-headed figures used in important festivals and donated by the artist to the municipality are exhibited, as well as an open space for travelling or monographic exhibitions.

The visit to the museum includes the projection of audiovisuals on the work in the vineyard, the wine-making process and the slaughter of the pig.


‘La Costera’ Historical – Ethnological Museum
Nº 55, Carrer Molí
46630 La Font de la Figuera (València)
Telephone: 962 290 322

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