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Parish Museum

In Santa Bàrbara street, opposite the bell tower of the parish church of the Mare de Déu de l’Assumpció (Virgin Mary of the Assumption), is the Parish Museum of Montesa; recognised as a permanent museum collection by the Generalitat Valenciana for its outstanding collection of paintings and sculptures.

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The building that contains the museum is a construction built at the beginning of the 17th century, with an ashlar door, which was the home of the sots clauer del’orde de Montesa (sots-clauer of the order of Montesa) during the first half of the 18th century. On the ground floor there are architectural elements mainly from the castle, such as an interesting gargoyle, capitals and the top of an arch with an angel holding the coat of arms of the Order of Montesa.

The first floor is used for the exhibition of paintings that the parish owned, but which were not destined for worship, including La crucifixió de Sant Pere and La Immaculada (The Crucifixion of Saint Peter and The Immaculate Conception), among others. There is also a display case with dishes for the extreme unction. We can also find engravings, including two engravings of the Mare de Déu de Montesa (Virgin Mary of Montesa) by Joaquim Ballester. There are seven portraits of members of the Order of Montesa from the 18th and 19th centuries hanging on the walls of the anteroom


Parish Museum Montesa
Nº6, Carrer Santa Bàrbara
Telephone; 962 299 075

You must arrange a visit by calling 962 299 075, or through the Montesa Tourist Office, Nº5, Carrer Fernando Villa Pedroso. Telephones: 962 299 080 / 673 419 775.

Ticket price
Ticket prices for visiting the Museum are voluntary.